Bishu and 42

When Lee-Anne Higgs created that amazing Spirit Guide portrait for me in early-June (scroll down to see it), it came with a typed Reading. In it, she shared that Monk mentioned a word that sounded like "Bishu" and neither of us understood what it meant, at first...

The next day, a series of events was set in motion that required me to move my Reiki studio. I was dismayed, as I loved my current location, but I was eager to see how my Spirit Team would guide me to my new space. I reminded myself to watch for the signs, trusting that they already had the solution lined up for me. I looked at a myriad of potential properties all over town for several weeks, and only one felt right. And guess where my new studio is?? 

On the block of the intersection of Tejon St. and BIJOU St. !!!  😍 Gotta love it! 

Another fun thing... for years my number from Monk has been 42. I see it constantly (clocks, receipts, temperatures, license plates, prices, flights, buses, hotel rooms, pages, cards, dates, etc) and it always feels like a little encouraging wink, confirmation, or just a friendly nudge to make me smile. 

Guess what interstate exit you take to get to my new studio?? 142. 🤩 I almost swerved off the road when I realized it. 

And just like I "knew" my former studio space needed to have good trees (and it did), I "knew" my new space should have exposed brick... and it does! 

Our Spirit Teams truly are several steps ahead of us, and they want to be part of this amazing Earth experience if we will allow them. When we lovingly ask, trust, and eagerly expect things to work out, they will plant Easter eggs (some bigger than others) to support us. I hope you will enjoy the hunt!