"I recently had a wonderful experience with a reiki session and a psychic reading from Julie. The reiki session was filled with such warm and loving energy, making me feel instantly relaxed and peaceful. I received so many insights that brought clarity and understanding. Julie’s psychic reading was incredibly accurate and heartfelt. The very first sentence brought me to tears with its truth. She had an amazing ability to connect with my deepest thoughts and emotions. The entire experience was both healing and enlightening. If you’re seeking spiritual clarity and comfort, I highly recommend a session with Julie." - JS 

 "Amazing! I didn't know what to expect, but I felt lighter after Reiki... calm and relieved, like a weight had been lifted." - TZ 

 "Mind blown, the class was perfect!" - MF 

 "The Reiki class exceeded my expectations in how much we covered, and in a way I could understand. Julie answered all my questions." - SB 

 "Julie is a phenomenal teacher. She is calm, collected, open, and accepting. There's a feeling of peace that emanates from her." - THH 

 "I could feel a positive shift almost immediately after the Reiki session, the room was immaculate and beautiful, and the reading was incredibly accurate. I highly recommend!" - JW 

 "The Reiki was so good, I feel like myself again." - JW 

 "This Reiki I/II class was life changing! I am shook!" - YK 

 "After having Readings with Julie and attending workshops, I knew her energy was so uplifting and I needed to connect with her more. I completed her Reiki I/II certification course and just “WOW”! She is an amazing teacher and coach with the warmest heart. If you have been thinking about this I would highly recommend doing it. This has really opened me up mentally, spiritually, and physically to a whole new life that is loving and peaceful. I’m looking forward to learning and working with her a lot more." - JW 

 "Julie, I again needed to thank you for the tremendous Reading I was granted in tonight's Soul Journey Sundays. What a remarkable experience, and I remain in awe of each of you and your gifts and guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You truly matter to so many." - VC 

 "After my Reiki session I slept so great and woke up feeling very calm. I'm sure it was because of the Reiki! Thank you so much!" - MP 

 "Julie is an angel in disguise." - SR 

 "My reading was wonderful and so comforting. Julie is amazing and has helped me in so many ways. I have sent loved ones her way and will continue to do so. I cannot recommend her enough. I have trusted her from the beginning, and going to that first Reiki session years ago was one of the best decisions I've made. I also attended Julie's Reiki I/II class and it was a great experience as well, she is a patient, knowledgeable instructor." - SF 

 "Julie's psychic development classes are the best I've ever attended!" - MC 

 "I love Julie. As a therapist, I need a place where I can go and experience healing, restoration, and an infusion of love and light. I always tell people that whatever is weighing on me and weighing me down is resolved and cleared when I leave my session with Julie. Be good to yourself. This is the place to find solace and divine love." - GB 

 "Julie is one of a kind... positive, open, accepting, and full of life. Her passion for life and helping other people is an inspiration." - MT 

 "It was a WONDERFUL Reading! Spot on for everything she said, I had goosebumps the whole time. Julie is a very talented and kind person. I will definitely see her again!!" - DD 

 "Julie truly embodies the Reiki ideals, and is a brilliant inspirational teacher. It was an honor and a pleasure to study with her. Thank you, Julie!" - SC 

 "Julie provided a very peaceful and healing Reiki experience for me! She was very professional and hospitable. I felt a big shift in my emotional and physical body after my session with her. I highly recommend her services!" - SL 

 "Thank you so much with all my heart!!! I appreciate you and what you do!!! Hopefully I don't need any more surgeries, but I definitely want you at all future procedures if I do." - CW 

 "Julie makes me feel so loved and seen. She exudes immense compassion, it beams from her." - CP 

 "My first Reiki session with Julie was at a retreat in Sedona, AZ. My mind was blown away with how she read my energy and she was able to sense areas I needed healing. Her ability to communicate what she sensed has since allowed me to work on my personal and emotional struggles." - CW 

 "Such a high caliber from your group’s work for Soul Journey Sundays, I was just so impressed by ALL of you. Thank YOU Julie so much for setting such a high bar." - JL 

 "Recently I had the pleasure of scheduling a Reiki session with Julie, who I found to be a very positive and enlightened being. The best part was feeling restored to a calmer place both physically and mentally. I will be going back!!!" - DM 

 "I had a 90 minute combo session with Julie (one hour of Reiki and a 30 minute Psychic Reading). I wish I had done an hour of both. My experience with Julie was profound! I haven't felt this relaxed in my body and mind in a very long time. I definitely experienced the healing power of energy work. In my Psychic Reading everything was spot-on. The words Julie shared with me were affirming, comforting, and encouraging. Thank you Julie for a beautiful experience!" - BLS 

 "Julie is fantastic at her skill as a Reiki Master. She performed Reiki on me in my hospital room during Pre-op and Post-op, and while I was in surgery she continued to perform Reiki on me remotely. Post-surgery oxygen and pain numbers were excellent and I was released quickly, which is very unusual for me." - CW 

 "I listened to your 'Psychic Matters' podcast. You were masterful in your delivery and persuasiveness. I'm going to listen again tomorrow. I found it very relaxing and uplifting. You rock!" - CS 

 "Julie's Reiki class exceeded my expectations. It was all so positive, the delivery of information was clear and organized, the meditations were amazing, and the hands-on practice was great!" - TH 

 "Awww, I've just had such a lovely enlivening Soul Journey Reading with Julie. It was so spot on and has reminded me of a very important connection which I have let slide, yet is so important to me feeling complete. Thank you Julie!" - SF 

 "I absolutely felt a strong, loving connection to my late husband during my Reading. Julie mentioned specific details about so many things that she couldn't possibly have known! It was a powerful step in my healing." - LM 

 "Thank you Julie for your insight and intuition this evening. You were spot on with everything you mentioned, from Spirit Animals to past lives and my current situation. Really interesting! Thank you so much." - CC 

 "Julie is incredibly passionate about Reiki and teaching. She is always increasing her knowledge by reading and taking additional relevant courses, to add to her classes." - THH 

 "Hey Julie, I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful job you did tonight in bringing in my sweet brother and describing him so well! You have a very calm, personable way of reading, and you immediately make people feel comfortable and in safe hands. Thanks so much for a lovely reading!" - CA 

 "Julie is a wonderful, knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and kind teacher. Her Reiki teaching has opened new ways of working for me to enhance my mediumship. I highly recommend her!" - MV 

 "Julie is a natural healer. Her dedication, compassion and passion for helping people is wonderful to witness. She truly is a beautiful soul. Julie never stops learning and never stops growing. I am very happy to know and recommend her." - MS 

 "Julie has such warm calm energy, it was a wonderful experience for the Reiki I and II training. The course was thorough, well-paced and well-delivered with hands on experience too. Thank you Julie for a great experience." - LC 

 "I have just received an amazing, insightful, powerful, and joyous Reading from Julie. Soaring Heart Energies... aptly named! Thank you so much." - CM 

 "Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are an incredible teacher. I knew this would be a beautiful training, but this is so much bigger than I initially understood. Your teaching style and information shared resonated so deeply, and the energy and loving space you created made for such a safe, truly healing environment. Thank you again." - LM 

 "You were sent to me. Thank you for the healing space you hold. Your heart is incredible." - CP 

 "Julie is a wonderful instructor. She made everything very clear and her examples really helped." - LL 

 "I have known Julie for many years. She is a truly helpful and caring person who exudes positivity from her innermost soul. I know many people she has helped, and I recommend her enthusiastically." - RT 

 "Thank you 🙏 Very nice—deeply relaxing and transcendent—lots of sensation, tingling and pulsating everywhere. Felt floaty with waves of energy. Chest and throat feel much lighter. I felt the power!" - CF 

 "I had the most amazing session with Julie last night and I cannot recommend her more. She walked me through what to expect and shared with me some life-affirming realizations. I woke this morning more rested and ready for the day than I have in months." - CM 

 "Julie explained Reiki in detail, answering any questions that I had, and then started the treatment. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Unlike with conventional massage, her hands never touched me, but hovered just above my body. I had feelings of mild heat, waves of energy, and felt a healing presence. It was a marvelous experience, but best of all, the acute pain in my back was totally gone for 24 hours! In the following days, whenever I would feel pain, I would meditate for a few minutes on the healing thoughts she gave me, and the pain would slowly abate. It's much better than anything I have done for my pain in 15 years and I HIGHLY recommend Julie!" - JT 

 "Julie is Amazing! I had a Reading with her and she was spot on!" - SD 

 "My experience with Julie was amazing. She was so positive." - CM 

 "It was one of the best readings, and I've had a lot!" - K 

 "I'm grateful that we crossed paths. You are a bright shining light with loving energy." - SR 

 "The best part of the Reiki class was the experience of Reiki overall - giving and receiving... and learning in accepting, loving, and positive environment. Thank you, Julie!" - KL 

 "I had a Reiki healing session with Julie and had the most incredible experience. The energy of the location is so calm and inviting. Julie was so lovely to work with, and my session was very insightful, and I instantly felt so much better. I can't wait to go back." - KM 

 "Julie's psychic development are my favorite classes." - JT 

 "Thank you Julie, your Reading was absolutely lovely and resonated completely. You took me on a beautiful journey and verified my guide, even down to the name I call her!" - WC 

 "In our Reiki I/II class, distant Reiki blew up my mind!" - CH 

 "Julie has been amazing in providing me assistance and helping me through chemo. She's absolutely wonderful, kind, and generous." - CB 

 "In class, I loved gaining the confidence that Reiki is "in" me, even through episodes of self-doubt. Much appreciation!" - VC 

 "Reiki centers me, keeps me calm and peaceful. It has been such a gift. Thank you for bringing it into my life, it's wonderful." - CM 

 "Thank you so much for doing what you do and being who you are!!" - EK 

 "Thank you so much. I am grateful to have found you!" - MM 

 "You were spot on when you brought my mother through. You mentioned drinking lemonade with her and we were both in tears. Thanks for what you do!" - TM 

 "Reiki helped me so much to find peace. Julie has been a wonderfully positive influence in my life." - LS 

 "Julie's explanations were very detailed with great examples. Memories last a lifetime and this Reiki Class is one I will cherish forever - so many thanks!" - BT 

 "Spirit sent me exactly where I needed to be for sure! So grateful. And blessed with your divine psychic connection. So thankful to you!" - CP 

 "Thank you for all that you've done for me! Truly a bright light thru the darkness. You will never know how grateful I am!" - LS 

 "Amazing class! Thank you so much for doing what you do and helping me get myself back! Loved this class." - PC 

 "The most positive experience I had in the Reiki I/II Class was trusting in myself and, without a doubt, feeling the energy!" - LS 

 "I had a Reiki healing and Reading with Julie and it was absolutely fantastic! I felt more relaxed than I’ve felt in months, but with renewed energy at the same time — felt very clear and calm. The Reading touched on specifics of issues I’ve been dealing with for a while and gave me new insight into the direction I need to go. Julie is a remarkable healer and medium and she has such a beautiful, loving, and peaceful energy. Can’t wait to do it again!" - KG 

 "Julie is world-class, and part of my inner circle of healers." - CW 

 "Thank you soooo much. I appreciate your compassion, love, and support to me through this transformational period. You are the absolute best!" - CP 

 "Very grateful to have experienced this class with Julie, who is a brilliant teacher with palpably immaculate integrity. Thank you for a life-changing weekend!" - SC 

 "Julie is incredible! She is my mentor and I can’t say enough how gifted, spot on, and knowledgeable she is about communicating with those that have crossed on." - LW 

 "Wonderful class, thank you" - CM 

 "WOW! Thank you, Julie for an amazing session! I feel so lucky to have had this time with you. I am still smiling from some of the images you painted for me." - AO 

 "After this class I’m convinced that every human should get attuned to Reiki. If for no other reason than to heal themselves, to hold space for others to heal, to heal the Planet. Like dominoes. Also, Julie is an Earth Angel." - MS 

 "Julie is the most down-to-earth and charismatic person, which makes her such an incredible instructor. Her support and insights are invaluable." - VC 

 "Thank you for the beautiful session, Julie. I related to so much of what came up and I enjoy knowing who is with me on this path." - CR 

 "Thank you, Julie for the beautiful Reading! You provided many answers for me. I would highly recommend having a Reading!" - DRM 

 "A beautiful, powerful, loving evening. Thank you." - TJ 

 "Julie has the gift of healing and is such a kind, caring person." - LS 

 "When I leave, I feel refreshed and energetic." - TJ 

 "Thank you so much. Very encouraging and beautiful." - HH 

 "It was such a beautiful and healing session! I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much, Julie!" - DV 

 "I was so fortunate to have a very exciting and eventful Reading from Julie yesterday! She painted the most vivid picture of my Spirit Guides and also several Animal Guides. I feel so blessed to have had this time with her. She is extremely talented and I recommend her, as I received many answers I have been looking for." - RT 

 "My Reading was so beautiful, supportive, and resonant. Thank you for sharing your gifts!" - KB 

 "This class went above and beyond. Julie is so empathetic and supportive; deeply compassionate and with an approach that blends the pragmatic with the ethereal. Just excellent." - LM 

 "Julie is such magic! I'm so grateful for her. So incredibly appreciated!" - CP 

 "Julie is wonderful and very authentic! She amazes me every time I see her with the insightful things that she says." - TJ 

 "The best gifts in life are learned… Just wanted to give a big huge thanks to Soaring Heart Energies for an amazing class this weekend! Julie you are the best!" - KR 

 "Thank you Julie for my Medical Reiki!!!! This surgery experience was 1,000 times better than the last one where I had no Reiki." - CW 

 "The Reiki class weekend was divinely created with Julie being the Master Creator. Thanks to all who raised my vibration." - AD 

 "I super loved my Reiki session. I still feel mellow and much lighter." - CC 

 "Julie, you are a blessing. I am so very grateful Spirit brought us together!!" - MC 

 "You're an awesome presenter. I know how much it takes to teach and you were flawless. I appreciate you!" - MVK 

 "Thank you for the Reiki class. It was amazing! I really enjoyed it and your teaching style is so heavenly. You have such a gentle soul. It was also fun to meet the people in the class." - KC 

 "The Reiki Share I experienced at your studio was next level!" - MC 

 "Thank you, Julie! This journey into a past life with a Spirit Guide was so loving and beautiful! I resonated with everything you said and couldn't believe all the connections to what I love in this lifetime or the importance of them for me. I also feel like you helped identify a Guide I have felt for a long time but now finally understand who this being is. Thank you for this incredible beautiful Reading, you have added such color and richness to my life. Thank you for sharing your time and your gifts with me this evening, I feel so blessed!" - HS 

 "Thank you again for facilitating such beautiful connection and Reiki love! The Reiki Share has become my most looked forward to event of each month! Universal energy never ceases to amaze me!" - AL 

 "I greatly appreciate the class PowerPoints. I loved how in depth they were." - SH 

 "The class was great and I was impressed that I felt as much energy from a distance as I felt hands-on." - LC 

 "I can't tell you how much your class meant to me." - SD 

 "Thank you so much, you're amazing!" - CC 

 "Keep on healing. You’re a bright light in this world." - MH 

 "Thank you so much for my Reiki and Reading. I feel so much better!" - GB 

 "Thank you so much for shepherding me through some rough times this past year! I really did enjoy and benefit from our Reiki sessions, and I appreciate all that you did for me and taught me. I feel blessed to have been able to have the benefits of Reiki healing from you." - CF 

 "Julie is absolutely amazing ! Gentle, loving, non-judgemental, and wants you to succeed! Such a wonderful, patient teacher! I can’t wait to take the next class !!!! 💙" - TR 

 "Thank you so much for the Reading. So much resonated with me!" - RS 

 "Julie at Soaring Heart Energies is the ABSOLUTE best!! She helped me with Reiki through the hardest times in my life. I look forward to each session with her." - LS 

 "Such a lovely time filled with information, exciting moments, and learned techniques. Julie is an amazing teacher and guide, and I feel honored to have trained under her love and care." - RT 

 "You have no idea how much you have healed my heart. You are phenomenal and I look forward to coming to future Retreats. I feel ready to do anything!" - CW 

 "In class, I loved building new friendships and being able to share this experience with other ladies who are also interested in the same thing." - HH 

 "The Soul Journey Sundays event was incredibly beautiful in every way! I definitely will come again. There was amazing energy present. Thank you for your generosity in providing readings." - BK 

 "I felt better after receiving Reiki, relaxed and calm. Julie gave me a few book recommendations after the session and I have started to read them. I have already given her contact information to a few friends. I highly recommend a session." - SB 

 "Overall, the class was just amazing. I feel clear, light, upgraded, and motivated. I feel that the Reiki training has ushered me into a new chapter in my own healing, as well as in my work. I was expecting the sessions to be great, but I am blown away. Beyond great, transformational! Thank you!" - LM 

 "Julie, through your efforts people are being touched to deep levels and forever changed. I appreciate all you are doing in bringing light to the world!!" - MC 

 "Julie’s energy and personality are like your favorite cozy staples. She has love pouring out of her and all around her! I felt like I was cradled in Creators hands, I truly do not have words to explain what I felt and experienced it was beautiful and I feel amazing!!!!" - NN 

 "I always have the most amazing experiences when I get Reiki from Julie! I'm always uplifted and I feel so much lighter, as though the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders! I highly recommend Julie and Soaring Hearts Energy!" - LL 

 "I just want you to know how beautiful last night was. My husband was so pleased that we attended! Thank you so much." - LW 

 "Thank you so much for including me tonight. Great job putting this event together!" - AG 

 "Very good class with a great teacher." - YC 

 "Julie is kind, caring, and deeply knowledgeable." - LM 

 "Thank you for your leadership and presence…you are a gift" - CC 

 "Thank you so much for leading us in class this past weekend, it was very enlightening and energizing. The power of what Reiki can do is amazing." - CC 

 "To Julie and all the beautiful souls involved in last night's Soul Journey Sunday event, I thank you. That was absolutely magical for me. Both of my Readings couldn't have been more hopeful, comforting, healing, or filled with more love and caring words. My heart soars with faith and kindness, feeling a sense of love. The beauty that surrounds all of you is truly heaven sent." - RT 

 "Thank you for creating such an amazing event last night." - SL 

 "The Reiki class was a very powerful yet peaceful weekend. The PowerPoint is very thorough and has a ton of great resources!" - CS 

 "Thank you again for all the hard work you do putting this event together. I love seeing the healing it brings. The healing message with the angels, how you helped that lady, touched my heart! You are blessed and amazing!" - AG 

 "Julie is great. She lightened my heart with her Reading." - MVK 

 "My first Reiki healing session ever and it was eye opening, in a great way!! The experience was fantastic. I felt very comfortable and Julie explained everything clearly and answered all my questions." - SB 

 "This whole Reiki certification experience exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Thank you." - TO 

 "Julie is absolutely incredible!! She is so highly intuitive and spot on with everything and takes such a gentle, caring, sweet, empathetic approach. I highly recommend her for your Reiki, reading and healing needs!" - KC 

 "Julie is a really amazing person and teacher! Thank you!" - MC 

 "I have had many Reiki healing sessions and Julie’s was so powerful in an amazing way!!! I would highly recommend Julie for any type of healing you need, she has an amazing powerful healing gift so worth experiencing!!!!" - NN 

 "Fantastic experience. My highest recommendation." - JW 

 "This was a great experience. Julie was warm, kind, and comforting, and I left feeling incredibly relaxed. I'll definitely go again!" - HW 

 "Julie is a caring, grounded, direct, and focused Reiki practitioner. Her space is welcoming and comfortable." - VB 

 "What an amazing experience! I had a wonderful time! Everyone should be able to experience Soul Journey Sundays, it’s truly an amazing gift! Thank you for offering it!" - BP 

 "Excellent class! I'm very glad I took it! It will be interesting to see where this takes me in the future!" - LL 

 "Julie is wonderful. Nice vibe in her office, and effective energy healing that leaves me feeling rejuvenated during stressful times. " - KL 

 "My husband's shoulder and hand pain haven't been bothering him since his Reiki session, hallelujah! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with humanity!" - NN 

 "Julie is a fantastic teacher." - NM 

 "Amazing experience!" - NP 

 "Julie is the best teacher ever!" - CH 

 "Julie is surrounded by Grace in allowing the Love to come through. She's a stunning woman." - BF 

 "You have made a difference in my life." - LW 

 "Really great class, thank you!" - LM 

 "Julie inspires me." - MW 

 "Learning healing work first requires a deep connection fostered within the self. As each of us are beautifully unique, Julie provides a loving, warm, safe learning environment to recognize your own individuality and gifts as a healer, supporting what YOU need in order to promote healing in others. As the Mandalorian says, "This is the Way." Highly recommend her if you're looking for healing, or seeking to better understand how you can heal others." - LD 

 "Wonderful evening of beautiful sound, energy, and healing." - JH 

 "Wonderful! I chose the 120 minute Reiki/Medium session and would highly recommend it. The reiki session was so soothing and restorative, and the medium reading that followed was delivered with such grace and kindness. Julie is truly gifted and her healing talents come from the heart. Enjoyed every minute. Thank you." - JW 

 "Julie was absolutely outstanding in the Psychic Matters interview. It was stellar. Informative/Entertaining/Inspiring/Loving." - BK 

 "Thank you so much for all you do in making the SJS events happen. Your lovely spirit of kindness, love, and healing emanate through the whole process and to all Attendees... Readers and Sitters alike. I love being part of it." - MV 

 "I just had to comment on how amazingly informative Julie's interview was and how well she explained that there is much more to Reiki, from physical sessions to the operating table, and the many ways it can be used, wow!" - JH 

 "Julie was amazing and so helpful, everything was awesome." - PC 

 "The Karuna Reiki class was unbelievable! Magical and amazing!!!" - MC 

 "Thank you for doing Soul Journey Sundays, you do such a great job." - AG 

 "I've done all of my Reiki training with Julie and I can't imagine having done it with anyone else. Her knowledge and awe-inspiring enthusiasm are intoxicating in the most magnificent of ways. Julie truly loves and is passionate about Reiki and the teaching of it. You won't find a better teacher anywhere." - TH 

 "I had a beautiful session with Julie. I wasn't sure what I wanted going in but she went over every service and I went with the one that spoke to me...Soul Journeys. I've been struggling with some things lately and being a healer myself, was finding it exceptionally hard to navigate some deep emotions that had been coming up. This typically is not an issue for me so I was truly stumped. My Soul Journeys session with Julie brought the answers and unlocked some doors that lent the insight I truly needed. I felt a shift within my spirit and knew this session was truly meant to be. I was guided to have this time with Julie, and the things that were brought to light for me allowed me to connect the dots and put the missing pieces into place. I now have so much clarity around the emotions and feelings of loss I have been going through. I feel stronger, happier, and more connected today (the day after my session). Julie is truly gifted, and her calm and beautiful spirit adds even more beauty to the session and time with her. I will be seeking her services again in the near future. Thank you Julie for the beautiful gifts you bring to this world." - HH 

 "Julie is amazing! I did Reiki and a Reading, and both were fantastic experiences. Far exceeded my expectations." - PS 

 "Thank you for being you, and setting your students up to win. You are so humble, and I am so grateful for you being on this journey to wellness and healing." - TR 

 "Julie is an incredible Master teacher." - RR 

 "Five stars." - AD 

 "Julie came to the hospital while I was doing chemo, she did Reiki and it was the most profound experience I have ever had. The experience inspired me to get Reiki II certified." - MB 

 "I had the pleasure of having a powerful, affirming psychic Reading with Julie in her online group Soul Journey Sundays about a year ago. Because of her calm, joyful energy, when I was ready to learn Reiki, I signed up for her Reiki I and II class. I was so skeptical about Reiki. I love all things metaphysical, but struggled with the idea that anyone and everyone could channel healing energy after a weekend of classes. Two days later and I am ecstatic to admit that I couldn't have been more wrong. The Reiki is continuing to heal me and I am feeling that same ebullient joy I first noted in Julie a year ago. Julie, thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do in the world. You just helped change another life." - AW 

 "What came through in both of the Readings that you shared was so profound and so beautiful, and I really felt the effortless flow of you and spirit together. It was a really high level of frequency and delivery, just Wow Julie!" - HS 

 "Thanks for another great experience! Thanks for organizing such fantastic events!" - NN 

 "Julie is fantastic! Highly recommend." - CS 

 "Julie is a wonderful teacher." - SC 

 "I found my gifts, my calling in the Reiki I/II class. Julie's energy is so beautiful, she's a fantastic teacher. The meditations and practice sessions were transformational." - SP 

 "Julie is amazing and brings great energy to learning." - RR 

 "Thank you for all of your support... you are a beautiful teacher. I'm looking forward to more courses with you." - SB 

 "This woman is so very gifted in multiple aspects of healing it blows me away. Deep regeneration and healing was my experience. I am so thankful and have no reservations in recommending Julie." - DG 

 What's the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you? "I was 37, going through chemo for an aggressive breast cancer. I signed up for a free program called LifeSpark, where I would get 8 free sessions of Reiki to help me during some of my treatment. I was matched with Julie, who gave me all my sessions. At the end of our 8th, I said I'm really sad this is the end of our time, to which she replied "You are not at the end of your healing journey, so if you don't want to stop I don't either". She gave me free Reiki sessions every week for 7 months. Those were some of the only times of peace I had. I will always be so grateful!" - LS 

 "Julie was amazing and the Reiki experience was exceptional." - PM 

 "I am truly grateful to have learned from you, for your patience, grace, and kindness you have showed me." - MW 

 "I've never experienced a Psychic Medium like Julie. She's crystal clear, gentle, sometimes humorous, and always egoless. I've seen her turn non-believers into believers!" -MC 

 "Julie is an amazing intuitive." - KM 

 "You are surrounded by the love of the many whom you have touched through your generous and powerful healing." - THH 

 "You are my Earth Angel." - MC 

 "Reiki with Julie was absolute love. Very soul-lifting, very out of body." - LS 

 "Your incredible reputation is spreading!" - JR 

 "Karuna was one of the best classes I've taken in a really, really long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's been a game changer for me. I'm so blessed to have you as a soul sister." - SH 

 "Your voice is so comforting and soothing. You are my angel." - JS 

 "So proud of the work you do and the heart you have!" - MC 

 "You are beautiful inside and out! Thank you for being such a gift to so many people who need you." - SH 

 "I have tears in my eyes. Very moving!" - SB 

 "Soul Journey Sundays is such a wonderful group of individuals that support one another and provide spiritual upliftment to the attendees." - JCN 

 "Julie is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her for your Reiki Master Class. It was amazing!" - SD 

 "Soul Journey Sundays has been a highlight of my year!" - DC 

 "I have no doubt in my mind that my Spirit Guides lead me to you and the Reiki community, for not only my healing but also for helping those around me. You are a beautiful soul, thank you! I am grateful and blessed." - LW 

 "Julie has a beautiful energy, calm and gentle. I decided to re-take my Reiki I and II, and Julie was my teacher. It was wonderful. I highly recommend Julie for Reiki, Reiki classes, and psychic readings." - LC 

 "In class, I loved meeting a community of like-minded people and being able to share Reiki!" - AG 

 "Thank you, Julie - what a magical experience!" - KD 

 "Thank you so much! Very insightful and inspirational!" - LG 

 "Julie is amazing. She is spot on in her readings, and her Reiki always leaves me feeling refreshed. Highly recommend! In fact, I come from Ohio to see her." - LB 

 "I am really grateful I stumbled on to Soul Journey Sundays. Thank you again, Julie. I'm starting to feel like part of a special community and that's important to me." - RR 

 "Julie, you are the bomb of good everyone needs in their lives!" - KH 

 "I just wanted to say that the Reading you gave me a few months ago was really spot on. You had mentioned some thing about writing and podcasts, and I have been writing poems lately. Also, in the Reading you had mentioned some thing about podcasts, and a podcaster reached out to me yesterday and asked if they could interview me. Thank you and your spirit team for the sneak peak into my future." - EB 

 "Thank you very much for the beautiful session the other night. The reiki energy definitely continues to open up my heart chakra and I’m enjoying deeper self love in my relationships. And I really appreciated connecting with my Dad in all the beautiful detailed ways you brought forth. You have a beautiful practice and I’m so glad you are shining your beautiful gifts out into the world. I know you are helping many people and I’m so glad! Thank you again." - LF 

 "Thank you for always being so present, so loving, so generous and kind. You are an absolute angel." - LM 

 "The journey you took me on reminded me of who I am." - KS 

 "Thank you for blessing me with your presence!" - SS 

 "Thank you Julie! I am filled with incredible gratitude for having you in my life, and being a guiding light and teacher for me." - LW 

 "You are inspiring." - CC 

 "You spoke with such clarity and passion about Reiki and mediumship. Beautiful!" - MB 

 "Beautifully written, Julie. You stated so eloquently what is on all our minds as psychic mediums." - JB 

 "Thank you for organizing Soul Journey Sundays, sweet Julie! Such a beautiful community of healers brought together through Spirit and Tony’s mentorship!!" - LM 

 "So amazing. My feet still haven't touched the ground." - PS 

 "The Cave of the Winds sound healing and Reiki event last night was wondrous, beautiful, healing, and amazing." - PS 

 "Thank you Julie. You truly are an Angel." - KR 

 "Julie was great. I had never done Reiki before, but it was a great experience and I will be back. Definitely worth the time and money!"- TB 

 "The Reiki definitely left me feeling lighter, and the information you shared with me is invaluable. Thank you again. You are really good at what you do." - TB 

 "When you did my Reading and you talked about the guy that paints, I didn't know that about the person I've been spending time with, but he does! You were so accurate." - LW 

 "Julie is kind, compassionate, and explains Reiki in a way that is easy to understand." - AB 

 "Julie is a caring and knowledgable Reiki Master. I have had several Reiki healings with her. Each healing experience has been unique and has addressed whatever I may be dealing with at that time." - JJ 

 "Julie is phenomenal at what she does! So powerful!" - SD 

 "It was a calm and peaceful experience, and I felt very safe and comfortable." - AC 

 "Had a Reiki session and psychic reading with Julie and they were AMAZING. It was my first ever reiki and reading and Julie's energy, intentions, and efforts were absolutely wonderful. She also gave me book recommendations that have already helped me so much. Highly recommend seeing her - it will change you in the best ways! If you're on the fence, you need to go!!! Thank you, Julie!" - AL 

 "Delightful, Julie. Thank you!" - LF 

 "You were so radiant at the Soul Journey Sundays event, and you did such a fantastic job of facilitating the entire evening! You have created such an inviting space for people to "gather" virtually. Thank you." - JA 

 "Many, many thanks for giving us such a a magical evening." - JH 

 "The Karuna Reiki class was a freaking amazing experience. Julie is a fantastic teacher." - LMW 

 "Soul Journey Sundays was amazing!!! You did an excellent job! What a gift!" - LM 

 "My time with you was profound; physically, emotionally and intellectually. Thank you, thank you! You are a true blessing!" - BLS 

 "Your reading left me with a warm feeling of having my mom back with me again." - FT 

 "Thank you so much Julie, we all really appreciate you!" - ML 

 "Julie is an amazing teacher and makes the whole Reiki training, from level I/II through Karuna Master, enlightening, interesting, and fun. I would highly recommend her as a Reiki teacher." - LW 

 "Julie is great, and the experiences I have had with her are always enlightening. Julie is a kind and trustworthy person." - MS 

 "Julie is incredible. I had an amazing experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone." - LT 

 "The Reiki I/II presentation was wonderful, and the class was energetic and enlightening." - NB 

 "Julie is a very effective and compassionate teacher. The class venue, materials, and presentation were outstanding. So happy I took this!" - MVK 

 "Soul Journey Sundays fills my spiritual gas tank. Thank you so much, I look forward to it every month!" - RR 

 "That was amazing! I will definitely be back soon." - TR 

 "Everything was excellent!" - CO 

 "Thank you so much for your wonderful class last weekend!! I very much appreciate your wisdom and look forward to learning and growing more. Thank you again!" - KF 

 "Julie is wonderful to work with. She partnered with us for a Wholeness & Wellness Weekend and was absolutely wonderful. Every person who met with her said how wonderful of an experience they had. Highly recommend!" - LaForet Retreat Ctr 

 "Julie is so valuable to me and to all of us. She is my sunshine and my inspiration. I'm so proud of her and the leadership she's carved out in the ethereal realm of practice!" - MC, Healing Wheel Retreats 

 "Julie's 'Soul Speak' group Reading was riveting, uncontrived, and penetrating." - RC 

 "Soul Journey Sundays was wonderful! Many thanks for all you do to provide such a beautiful evening with Spirit!" - JH 

 "Thank you for holding the Reiki Share last night. It was great to be able to practice Reiki, and I'm looking forward to the next one." - TB 

 "Thank you Julie for all you do!" - JS 

 "Your support and effort is so incredibly appreciated Julie! What you do is so highly valuable, many blessings to you." - KH 

 "I want to say how much I enjoyed your psychic development class last night. So amazing and so much fun! I also totally love the Soul Journey Sundays. You’re amazing!" - MF 

 "You are such a bright light and inspiration. Thank you for bing so authentically you." - LC 

 "Julie, you rock! Thank you for continuing to give and give, and heal and heal." - DG 

 "Thank you so much for offering the Reiki I and II class this past weekend. I am so very grateful for you and your warm and loving energy. I am looking forward to taking future classes and attending events in the future. In addition to a wonderful class experience, you inspired me from a business perspective as well, so thank you!" - LT 

 "Thank you for the Psychic Development class. I enjoyed it so much. You do a great job!" - RS 

 "One of the most healing Reiki practitioners I have met. Insightful readings too!" - CC 

 "Julie, you're doing a great job with Soul Journey Sundays - the response I get from my friends who attend is wonderful!" - MC 

 "Great job! So beautiful to watch you read." - KG 

 "I found Julie off the Internet and felt called to ask her to be one of my Reiki teachers. I have never been happier following my intuition. She is amazing and wonderful and talented. I have also had the pleasure of being at a group reading, and she is spot on. I am also taking psychic development classes with her. I highly recommend her as a Reiki master, healer, and psychic !! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" - LM 

 "Soul Journey Sundays is an awesome event! Thanks for all the work you do!" - ET 

 "My experience working with Julie was so enlightening and helpful. She immediately made me feel comfortable and listened to my questions and concerns before doing Reiki for the first time. I am so happy with my experience working with her and I will definitely be back for more." - PG 

 "Excellent class - highly recommended. I had no idea what to expect but was thoroughly committed through Julie's knowledge, enthusiasm, and real-life examples." - VC 

 "Julie Speetjens has an extraordinary gift. I have had the pleasure to work with Julie as her student, her client, retreat coordinator and her colleague. She approaches her clients with pure love. She introduces the intuitive arts with gentleness, clarity, and humbleness. On one retreat she did what’s called a Gallery Reading, this is an advanced level of mediumship. She blew everyone’s mind with her detailed accuracy in her readings. Our attendees were so impressed with her. As her Karuna Reiki student, she made the journey so meaningful and has continued to be a source of inspiration. Her Reiki is loving and ethereal. I had been struggling with a fear of flying and had seen many professionals over three years for help to soothe my anxiety and fears around flying. It took only one psychic reading session with Julie for me to find my inner strength and power. Julie gave me tools to connect with my highest self and feel protected by the Reiki energy. I highly recommend her for any of her services!" - MC 

 "I really enjoyed the Intuitive Development class a few weeks ago. Thank you." - JJ 

 "My reading was wonderful and so comforting. Julie is amazing and has helped me in so many ways. I have sent loved ones her way and will continue to do so. I cannot recommend her enough. I have trusted her from the beginning, and going to that first Reiki session years ago was one of the best decisions I've made. I also attended Julie's Reiki I/II class and it was a great experience as well, she is a patient knowledgeable instructor." - SF 

 "Thank you so much for my wonderful Reading!! Spot on... and definitely needed." - ET 

 "SJS was an amazing night, well done. I love watching you work." - DS 

 "Such a great weekend. Thank you for creating such a safe, welcoming, healing, and nurturing space for growth and learning." - AG 

 "Thank you so very much for my Reading. I feel so very blessed to have had that time with you. You are amazing. Beautiful gift. Thank you, thank you. XOXO" - SJ 

 "Spending an hour with Julie is truly a gift to yourself! The warmth, energy and healing that she makes me feel during our reiki sessions is unparalleled (and keeps me coming back!). I love the way her energy permeates all of my cells making me feel comforted and held. I’ve done both in-person and online appointments with her and both are equally lovely. In addition, her mediumship readings are accurate, vivid and full of LOVE." - AO 

 "Julie is really a kind person and the type of person that shows others what kind of people they should try to be. People who lift others are the best kind of people." - KG 

 "You are an amazing soul, a gift to the world, and an amazing friend and teacher. ❤️ I am glad the universe led me to you, or our souls beckoned one another or however it happened. I am grateful." - LMW 

 "I just want to commend the level of integrity, professionalism, and care you uphold for yourself and for the SJS events and all you do. Thank you for always going the extra mile in all ways!" - HS 

 "Julie is a wonderful blessing!" - TH 

 "I needed to send a note of appreciation for all of your love and support during the Reiki I/II class. I especially appreciate your uplifting affirmations about the subtlety of Reiki. I also appreciate your honesty, as well as verifying my thoughts and experiences, as I don't think anyone I know understands what energy or what Reiki is! You are an angel." - VC 

 "Julie is wonderful. I was amazed with distant Reiki practice in our Reiki I/II class! Julie is a great teacher." - LK 

 "I enjoyed sharing and hearing about other people's experiences in class. The meditations and Reiki practice were so helpful. The safe space was a great experience." - PC 

 "Thank you Julie! You're a terrific teacher! You covered so much, you're so organized, and you have a special way of making everyone feel comfortable and connected. And your stories really made everything come alive. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us." - JH 

 "Thank you for another wonderful event last night. I know you put a lot of work into it and it went so well." - SS 

 "I am so happy and blessed to have met you." - KC 

 "Thank you, Julie. I really appreciate your trust and belief in all of us. It really is a phenomenal group!! I always have a blast and it's a big highlight of my month!" - SO 

 "Julie is truly amazing and her exceptional gifts run deep. Her kindness and compassion shine through in everything she does. Julie is an incredible psychic medium, a brilliant Reiki Master teacher, and a wonderful ambassador for her Soul Journey Sundays. I highly recommend working with Julie in any capacity!" - JH 

 "Julie was clear and made sure she was understood by all students. She worked alongside of us during lots of hands on practice!" - BC 

 "Julie is great! I’ve had Reiki healing from her, and I just went through a Reiki level 1 and 2 class to become certified. She is exceptionally intuitive. I highly recommend her!!" - CH 

 "Julie is a fun and engaging instructor. She makes the information interesting and easy to follow. The attunements are so powerful! I love the poetic and scientific angles, too!" - SP 

 "I loved the Reiki I/II class. I so appreciate you and your spirit." - VC 

 "Thank you Julie! I actually asked my grandma to come through and tell me if I am on the right path... and you did just that! It was just what I wanted to hear, so thank you!" - JM 

 "Thank you Julie for all that you do! You are a leader. Bless you." - KC 

 "I really enjoyed Soul Journey Sundays. I had two great Readers. You have such a wonderful and calming presence that brought everyone together." - AG 

 "That was amazing!! Thank you." - EL 

 "Thank you for sharing your vulnerable and beautiful self with us all, so that we may see ourselves in you and find our way once again towards healing along with you!" - KB 

 "Thank you for the wonderful Reading last Sunday. It's was so validating for me, for everything I've been able to overcome, I finally feel it's been worth it." - RR 

 "You are fantastic, and that was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to the next one!" - KG 

 "I'm so impressed by all you do." - JH 

 "An amazingly accurate and insightful reading..I would recommend Julie 100%. My spirit soared after our session. She is truly gifted." - BE 

 "I am in awe of all you do! You are so grateful, graceful, and humble. Thank you, I am so appreciative of you and of learning from you." - TR 

 "I'm so grateful for your spiritual gifts and leadership!" - KR 

 "The Sound Healing/Reiki event was so amazing tonight and so powerful! I was vibrating all night. Thank you!" - LW 

 "Julie, I just wanted to say thank you for your reading today—it was truly a gift that will help me a lot on my journey! Almost everything brought to you from the spirit world was so pertinent and meaningful, and it brought up much more emotion than I expected. I have lots of new information to process and act on." - RJ 

 "Five stars" - TR 

 "Beautiful experience and incredibly accurate! Julie is amazing!" - AW 

 "Thank you so much again for my Reading, Julie. Completely fluent, totally convincing, very powerful. Wonderful." - MM 

 "Thank you again for the awesome Reading today!" - DS 

 "Thank you for your Reading. It was really a great thing you helped me with. I didn't feel alone, and it was really powerful for me to feel like somebody actually had the ability to calibrate high enough to relay some information on my behalf. Epic. You helped piece some details together that I was struggling with for some time!" - AS 

 "Thank you so much for all the love and care you gave me. IT WORKED! Still feeling more calmness in my body and mind from your Reiki. Really appreciate you!" - KL 

 "Great class! Definitely worth the investment. Julie is amazing!" - LC 

 "Julie is amazing!" - MS 

 "I had an explosion of amaze-balls energy Day 2 of the Reiki class! Really appreciated the emphasis on 'making it your own'. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - AW 

 "I’m so excited for all you’re doing and all you’re offering and all you share with all of us! It’s been powerful being your student." - MSC 

 "The group discussions and attunements in the Reiki I/II class were such a great experience." - CS 

 "You are a Treasure in this World." - BS 

 "You know how you said in my Reading that you wanted me to be comfortable with just a one-car garage? Sure enough, even though we really wanted a two-car garage, we ended up moving into a great apartment that only had one!" - LW 

 "You’re a beautiful and special person- anyone who is in your inner circle is blessed." - MC 

 "Thank you for the Reiki class, I truly enjoyed it. I learned so much about myself." - CVH 

 "Several things that you said in my Reading were deeply meaningful and accurate, so thank you!" - AW 

 "Just looking at your Soul Journey Sundays website. It's like a Who's Who of Lovely People!" - AT 

 "Julie, thank you for an amazing Reiki I/II weekend. My mind is blown in such an awesome way!" - AW 

 "What a beautiful class with such enchanting people." - MSC 

 "Julie's classes are always heartfelt, informative, fun, and enchanting. I will only take my Reiki classes with Soaring Heart Energies!" - LW 

 "Julie is down-to-earth and is a very good teacher. I’ve learned so much." - CVH 

 "I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did yesterday. This surgery was the most easiest and stress free of all the surgeries I have had. I will definitely recommend you! I would also like to schedule some sessions with you after I get out of the hospital. Once again, thank you!" - JVH 

 "Sometimes it’s the little things that help us remember all the big things we’ve done and overcome. So very grateful for what Reiki and Soaring Heart Energies brought to my life." - KR 

 "Thank you. You helped me more than you know." - TM 

 "You've really helped me lift the veils." - MC 

 "What a profound spiritual experience I had on this never-ending Reiki journey of mine. And to experience it with the absolute best Reiki mentor in the state of Colorado, while at the same time meeting and sharing this experience with two incredible women that I am so privileged to have met. God gifted me this opportunity, and I am overcome with gratitude and appreciation." - LW 

 "Julie is a lovely, fabulous host in every possible way. So awesome to watch!" - KG 

 "You continuously amaze and inspire me!" - HS 

 "I had a wonderful time at Soul Journey Sundays. What a great program, I will definitely be back." - AW 

 "I had 2 classes with Julie. I had the Reiki 1 & 2 and now just finished my Master Reiki class with her. She is both very knowledgeable and very patient. She slows down if need be or speeds up as well. I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn about Reiki and all the benefits from it. She is a great teacher!" - MG 

 "Thank you for your very organized and lovely event. " - JA 

 "Julie is amazing!!" - MA 

 "My Reiki session was an absolutely wonderful experience. I am so grateful!" - DD 

 "Julie has a strong, calm, healing energy and she helped me with exactly what I needed to move forward. I highly recommend you book an appointment with her!" - TT 

 "Thank you so much for everything - your teachings and your energy. I truly feel that my life has transformed due to your class and from learning about Reiki and hands on healing. I feel that my life path has finally shifted in the right direction." - JC 

 "This Reiki class was everything I was hoping for. I am continually surprised by the limitless magic of the Universe. When we set our intentions in each exercise - it worked! We all tangibly felt the shifts in energy both giving and receiving energy. Amazing." - MV 

 "The Reiki class was a group of lovely collaborative minds, and inspiring conversations. Julie is excellent!" - BD 

 "After this class I feel a significant growth in myself, my vision for the future, and my spiritual path. I am excited to use Reiki to heal others! Thank you so much Julie!" - JC 

 "Feeling Reiki energy for the first time was amazing. Julie is a great teacher." - CP 

 "Julie answered all class questions thoroughly and kindly. She was extremely knowledgeable." - KC 

 "Thank you always for being the beautiful soul that you are." - MM 

 "Julie is amazing. If you are searching and want to know...Julie will definitely help you. She is spot on." - KC 

 "Thank you again for hosting the Soul Journey Sundays events - they are awesome and YOU are awesome!" - KG 

 "You really helped my mother-in-law and gave her a lot of insight. Thank you for helping her." - PC 

 "Your Readings were awesome and had great validation!" - HS 

 "Thank you for all you do!" - JA 

 "Julie is my teacher and she is phenomenal!" - JT 

 "SJS was really stellar all around... the organization, presentation, meditation, and the participants. It was wonderful." - KC 

 "Thank you again and again for all that you do, what a great spirit you are!" - KH 

 "I can't wait to take more classes with Julie. She is charming and warm." - SB 

 "This was an amazing Reiki I/II class! I'm excited to take the Reiki Master class next. Thank you." - JG 

 "I really enjoyed the psychic/mediumship development class". - JG 

 "Julie is amazing and so gifted!" - JT 

 "Thanks again for allowing me to spend a beautiful afternoon in your warm sanctuary. You are truly an Earth Angel." - ADF 

 "Julie made me feel comfortable. I loved hearing about her experiences to help explain the topics we covered in the Reiki class." - SSB 

 "That was the best Reading I've ever received. Truly, very significant for me. It gives me new hope for my father's healing on the other side and for our communication going forward. I feel so blessed to have met you." - TS 

 "I received more from this Reiki session than I ever could've expected. Thank you." - PP 

 "Julie is just a pure soul and radiates light. You immediately feel calm and safe in her presence. I was so calm and relaxed during my Reiki session with Julie. That night was the first time I slept through the night without waking up from stress. I know it was because of the Reiki session. I also signed up for a Reading with her and resonated with the things she shared. I highly recommend Julie!" - JW 

 "I have truly been enjoying your Psychic & Mediumship Development class and the people I've met. I'm really glad I found it. You are a wonderful person and teacher." - RM 

 "Thanks so much for all you have done, you have helped so much these past few years. We all appreciate you so much." - PC 

 "Thank you Julie for your inspiration!" - CH 

 "Julie Speetjens is amazing!! Thank you so much. The loving vibration which wraps around while she reads for you is exactly what I needed. Thank you." - NF 

 "Julie, thank you so much for all your hard work. Soul Journey Sundays is amazing because of all the work you put into it - you are appreciated." - LS 

 "The SJS event was wonderful! You do a great job of managing it!" - RR 

 "I can't thank you enough for my Reading today, Julie. Amazing validations!!! You have really lifted my spirits." - AS 

 "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for Wine & Woo last night. It was lovely." - AS 

 "Julie is great! Super sweet and great loving energy!" - TH 

 "Hi Julie, I just wanted to let you know that we adopted a German Shepherd mix rescue. You predicted her name would be something like Sue, but not quite. We call her Sadie Sue. Thanks again for your healing energy!" - TT 

 "I have to say I am so grateful for you. You are a bright light and you just spread love and joy everywhere. Always so giving and sending out so much positive energy to others." - KG 

 "Thanks for all you do for our SJS community." - FK 

 "Loved my experience!" - CS 

 "Loved the class! Amazing!" - JM 

 "I want to thank you very much today for my reading, you gave me a lot of insight and I love how excited you get when things come to you." - JG 

 "Thank you very much. You said many helpful things and shed a lot of light for me." - JG 

 "I had a GREAT reading with Julie! She answered all my questions and also gave me additional information to help me better myself. My partner came with me and thought Julie was AMAZING!" - TM 

 "Just completed the Reiki Master class with Julie. It was a wonderful weekend of learning and growth. I started my Reiki journey getting a Reiki session with Julie. I had absolutely no idea what Reiki was or how it would help me. I certainly had no intention of learning to give Reiki myself. However, that is just what I am doing. I love Reiki, and I feel grateful to have found such an open, honest, caring, and enthusiastic teacher. I would recommend Julie for anything Reiki, whether receiving a Reiki session or walking your own path toward becoming a Reiki healer. She is excellent!" - TB 

 "100% of our retreat surveys said that yours was their favorite workshop! You are a supernatural psychic medium rock star." - MC 

 "Just wanted to say I think your newsletter is fabulous! I know how much hard work goes into them - and yours is just a pleasure to read and look through - so many fascinating events and offerings - really great work!" - AT 

 "Julie was wonderful - so calm and reassuring." - CS 

 "Thanks for all you do Julie, Soul Journey Sundays came into my life when I surely needed it." - RR 

 "Just wow! I believed in Reiki, but after the class I was blown away. The instruction given was clear and outstanding. After almost 2 years of trying to get into a deep meditative state, I was actually able to in this class. I experienced the healing energy of giving and receiving Reiki." - JG 

 "I'm so grateful for this community. I'm so glad I found you!" - YK 

 "Thank you again for this weekend's Reiki I/II class, I can’t express how much I enjoyed it. I haven’t slept for more than 3-4 hours a night in about 2 months, but both Saturday and last night I fell asleep with ease and slept the best I have in a long time." - JW 

 "Your enthusiasm is contagious. You are a bright light." - KL 

 "The Reiki I/II class was amazing! Thank you so much!" - JG 

 "The best part of the Reiki I/II class was feeling the Reiki energy, gaining more spiritual knowledge, and the warm, welcoming, high-vibrational environment of the studio." - YK 

 "I have been a student of Julie's in developing my clairs and have found her instruction to be fluid and flawless. Her ability to hold space for large groups is a true talent. She provides brilliant guidance." - MSC 

 "I highly recommend Julie's classes. She is a professional, knowledgeable, kind, and very skilled teacher. Thank you Julie!" - KE 

 "Thank you for your beautiful reading. Such a lovely way to help people through spirit communication!" - CA 

 "One year ago I started attending classes and reading books and taking suggested courses from Julie Speetjens. I’ve met such beautiful souls in her classes and made meaningful connections … in this world and the unseen world. It’s unexplainably wonderful to sit with a group of people and expound on things extraordinary and be met with validating warm smiles. Thank you Julie, and thank you to all who I’ve been in class with, and Lisa Chapman for creating the container for what’s been a wonderful experience." - MC 

 "Julie! I am so happy spirit put us together." - AM 

 "Julie is welcoming, thoughtful, and professional. Her office is warm and welcoming." - LF 

 "Beautiful experience and incredibly accurate! Julie is amazing!" - DB 

 "An absolutely wonderful experience. I am so grateful!" - DD 

 "All fabulous! Thank you! :)" - CL 

 "Thank you so much again, such a great and interesting reading." - KG 

 "Julie is the real deal!! I practice and have received energy medicine for years, and her therapeutic presence and ability to be a clear channel for Reiki and higher wisdom is unparalleled. I've also been to a retreat and did some workshops with Julie, and I can tell you she also has a gift in articulating esoteric knowledge into tangible practices and concepts if you are looking to integrate this work into your life or for your clients. Do yourself a favor and book any of Julie's services or retreat offerings!!" - RS 

 "I really enjoyed the Reiki Master Class and feel it opened up my experience even further." - JT 

 "The Reiki Master class did some amazing things for me as far as shedding old habits!" - JM 

 "Reiki has changed my life!" - JD 

 "I am always amazed and grateful that you are able to help bring forth information for me in Readings. The last couple years have opened up a whole new world of understanding and healing for me, and the Reiki and readings and Reiki trainings I have taken from you have really helped me on that path. Thank you!" - TB 

 "Thank you Julie Speetjens for being not only a beautiful resource for the community but for doing so with open arms and kindness." - MW 

 "You’re really amazing. Thank you!" - FK 

 "You are a wonder!!! Awesome work!!" - GMC 

 "I really enjoyed the Reiki Master class and the energy. I feel so good and empowered. I have a renewed appreciation for life and a drive to do the things I love, and to incorporate Reiki. Julie is a wonderful patient teacher that explains everything thoroughly for deeper understanding." - SF 

 "The Karuna Reiki attunement was life-changing for me." - MC 

 "The Medium part of our session blew my mind a bit. It kind of feels like my dad is getting to know me more now, as he is able to peek in on who I am from the other side. I'm thankful that I met you. I really appreciate it!" - BS 

 "Before the Reiki Share, I had been in pain with carpal tunnel since last Friday, and now there is no more pain. I have also been very calm and not letting things bother me as much." - JG 

 "I am still so blown away with our session, I’m still in awe. I know you’re considered the “black belt” of Reiki Masters. I would like to someday be at your level too. Our session left me with clarity and a release of emotions." - SM 

 "Julie is a fantastic teacher and all round beautiful person." - LC 

 "Lovely environment. Wonderful experience with a great healer. - BG 

 "Julie is creating a great community and her students really value her." - MC 

 "This weekend I did a thing, I upgraded my energy, I leveled up my gifts, my skills, my body, and my mind. I am a Karuna Reiki Master! Thanks to my amazing teacher Julie Speetjens for leading me through all levels of my Reiki certifications and for being there for the start of it all. It's been such a fun journey as I savor the unfolding." - SP 

 "Thank you again for a wonderful weekend of learning, healing, and connecting. The spark of wonder is burning bright with me still! I appreciate you." - TJO 

 "I signed a contract last week on a house, closing in Spring, just as you predicted in my reading." - TH 

 "Julie is a great teacher, I highly recommend her." - MC 

 "Julie has a beautiful connection to spirit and her Reading was spot on. If you're on the fence about a Reading, you should reach out to her. Very insightful and wonderful energy." - TP 

 "Thank you so much for my reading today. You gave me the push I needed." - LR 

 "I recommend Julie. She is wonderful!" - TH 

 "In my reading, you said my deceased husband would send me a heart-shaped rock, and my daughter gave me one today!" - LR 

 "So many of the things you've told me in readings have come true in unexpected ways." - MJ 

 "OMG Wow! What amazing healing energy! Thank you so much !!" - CA 

 "Thanks for encouraging participation in the Reiki Master class. Loved the stories and the dowsing rod demonstration. Thank you, Julie!" - AW 

 "As usual, an awesome class." - CV 

 "You gave me a Reading and said I'd be leaving my corporate job and focusing on my mediumship. I didn't understand at the time, as I've been with my job for 24 years. I recently developed a medical condition and applied for disability retirement, which was approved today. I'll be officially retiring from corporate within 3 months. Hoping to get my health on track so I can expand my mediumship. I just wanted to say thank you for planting the seed to prepare me for this transition." - EB 

 "Julie has a beautiful connection to spirit and her reading was spot on. If you're on the fence about a reading you should reach out to her. Very insightful and wonderful energy." - TP 

 "Lovely environment. Wonderful experience with a great healer." - BG 

 "Julie is welcoming, thoughtful, and professional. Her office is warm and welcoming." - LF 

 "I have been practicing Reiki on myself and others consistently since my January class and it has been so amazingly life-changing, healing, and helping me progress with my spiritual journey so far, I can't wait to experience the Reiki Share!!" - YK