Lipid Panel Comparison 2018 to 2022 - Julie Speetjens

It's amazing when we can measure and compare the physiological improvements of major lifestyle changes! Since I began my Reiki training, drastically cut back on alcohol, shifted from a Vegetarian to a Vegan diet, and pivoted from a frenetic corporate career as an IT Project Manager to being a full-time Reiki Master Teacher, every cholesterol value has decreased significantly to optimal levels! Cholesterol dropped from 213 to 153 Triglycerides dropped from 139 to 72 HDL dropped from 72 to 50 Non-HDL dropped from 141 to 103, and LDL dropped from 113 to 89 Reiki empowers us to make healthy choices, release habits that no longer serve us, and helps us live a life with peace, clarity, joy, and purpose. Our emotional and energetic health truly is tied to our physical health!