By retaining the services of Julie Speetjens (Soaring Heart Energies), each client, event participant, and/or student acknowledges and accepts that any and all actions based solely or in-part on statements made before, during, or after a Reiki healing session, Reading, event, and/or class are their sole responsibility.

By retaining the services of Julie Speetjens, you release her and her associates of any and all liability, legal claims, and/or expenses related in any way to any statements made or inferred.

Julie Speetjens is not responsible for your life choices, and does not dispense medical, legal, marital, or financial advice. Julie Speetjens does not prescribe, diagnose, or perform medical treatments or psychological therapies.

It is your responsibility to discuss any recommendations received with your primary care physician, and, if applicable, with your obstetrician, gynecologist, oncologist, cardiologist, pediatrician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or other duly qualified health care provider and/or relevant professional.  Reiki does not take the place of medical care.