Mini Reading

  • Gain clarity and connection with a 30-minute Psychic or Medium Reading in-person or on Zoom.

Reiki Session

  • Experience a powerful 60-minute Reiki healing session, enhanced with guided meditation, essential oils, tuning forks, and crystal singing bowls. Rest, relax, release, and receive.

Psychic Reading

  • Gain clarity, insight, guidance, and inspiration in a 60-minute Reading with Julie for only $120. There are infinite pathways on our journeys to crafting the authentic expression of our highest selves, and there are a variety of ways we can intuitively feel into the language of the soul. Through Soul Journey Readings, we can glimpse past lives and possibly meet Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals. With oracle cards, we can illuminate details of your present and potential future life experiences. Together we endeavor to immerse ourselves in the power and presence of Spirit and connect to the wisdom of your higher self.

Medium Reading

  • Reach out to your loved ones in Spirit in a 60-minute Reading with Julie for only $120. Receive evidence of our eternal soul survival, as well as loving messages from family, friends, and even pets who have crossed over to the other side! We will send an invitation to specific loved ones, and we will share the wonder and experience profound healing as they bring memories, details, validations, and personal guidance to my awareness for you. Experience the power and presence of Spirit as we bridge the realms and reignite eternal bonds of love.

Reiki and a Reading - 90 Minute Combo

  • The most popular session! Experience a powerful 60-minute Reiki healing session followed by a mini Psychic or Medium Reading.

Reiki and a Reading - 120 Minute Combo

  • Experience a powerful 60-minute Reiki healing session followed by a full Psychic or Medium Reading.

3 Pack of Reiki Healing Sessions

  • Invest in your self-care and save $10 per session with a package deal! While sessions are normally $90 and would cost $270 for three, payment in advance is only $240. Packages apply to 60-minute Reiki healing sessions only. Packages may be shared with friends and family. Wellness and relaxation for all!
  • Schedule your sessions one at a time as needed, and I will keep track of them for you.

Parties & Events

  • Add an unforgettable element to your party or event as I provide Psychic or Medium Readings for your guests. I can either do 20-minute Readings for guests individually, or a small group Reading demonstration. Just $125/hour with a 2-hour minimum. Additional travel expenses may apply if your event is more than 20 miles from my Reiki studio.
  • As parties and events are generally outside of my normal business hours, please contact me directly to schedule this fun and memorable service. Julie@SoaringHeartEnergies.com or 719-660-7924.

Medical Reiki

  • As a Certified Medical Reiki Master, I am qualified to be present before, during, and after your medical procedure. I will work directly with your medical team to gain the necessary permissions in order to provide energetic and spiritual support throughout your surgery, infusion, or other medical event.
  • The beneficial effects of receiving Reiki during medical interventions are vast, including stabilizing blood pressure, calming the Sympathetic nervous system, reducing pain and anxiety, increasing treatment efficacy, reducing recovery time, supporting calm and focused medical staff and family members, promoting healing, and much more.
  • Onsite Medical Reiki support requires a 3-hour minimum at a rate of $150/hour.
  • Reiki is equally effective when administered from a distance, and the standard hourly rate of $85 would apply for Medical Reiki performed distantly.
  • As surgery times are frequently early in the morning and outside of my normal business hours, please contact me directly to schedule a Medical Reiki service. Julie@SoaringHeartEnergies.com or 719-660-7924.