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Julie Speetjens B.Sc, RMT, KRMT, LRM, CMRM, ARP
Usui Reiki Ryoho Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher
Registered Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher

Certified Medical Reiki Master
Angelic Reiki Practitioner
Lightarian Reiki Master
Psychic Medium

Hi, I’m Julie Speetjens and my motto is “Worry Less, Reiki More”. I began my healing journey when corporate burnout had me feeling like a robot just going through the motions of my life. Reiki has been a springboard to my spiritual awakening, and has renewed my life-force energy!

I didn't grow up seeing Spirit or having premonitions, rather, it was during my own Reiki training that my psychic and mediumistic abilities suddenly opened up! So I'm here to tell you that anyone who wants to develop their intuitive senses can do it, and Reiki can help! Formerly an Event Coordinator and IT Project Manager, I have become a Psychic Medium and I am utterly fascinated by all things Spirit. What greater healing can there be than to receive evidence that those loved ones who have crossed over are not lost to us after all? God, Source, Spirit (whatever you call it) works in amazing ways, and they never cease to amaze me. We truly are eternal soul beings, and our loved ones are eager to communicate! I invite you to be skeptical but receptive, to willingly suspend disbelief and journey with me into the incredible world of energy healing and mediumship. It's real and it's amazing.

I believe we are not a body with a Soul, but rather a Soul with a body. We are all here in our perfectly imperfect lives in order to learn, grow, love, create, and evolve. We often spend our lives searching for external happiness before realizing that we must create it within ourselves. Through my Reiki Master studies, I have released negative energies and destructive patterns that no longer serve my spiritual growth, and I have learned to consciously choose positive emotions and constructive actions. After all, the habits we create to survive no longer serve us when it’s time to thrive! I have given my inner-critic permission to be silent. I have learned to overcome my doubts, to trust my intuition, and to choose love over fear.

Reiki helped me recover from two major hip surgeries by alleviating my pain, calming my anxiety, promoting sound sleep, and empowering me to stop taking pain medicine and set aside my crutches weeks ahead of schedule. In 2021, I was able to be in the surgical suite giving Reiki to my younger son as he had all four wisdom teeth removed. He had minimal swelling, took no narcotics afterward, had no dry sockets or infection, was rock-climbing three days later, and eating almonds within the week! Whereas my older son had the same surgery with the same doctor years earlier before I had Reiki training, and he had an entirely different experience with four dry sockets, infection, significant swelling, and an extended recovery time. Reiki is a transformative force that truly can heal our minds, our bodies, and our Spirit if we allow it.

I trained and worked at The Reiki Place with Mary Spohn Fielder for two years, then opened my own studio in the Lotus Center for Wellbeing where I offered my services for two years. And now, I have a studio in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs!

It is quite normal for my Reiki clients to fall asleep, and all of them report feeling lighter and more relaxed afterward. Sensations range from tingling, wavy pressure, heat, visions of colors, and heavy or floaty limbs, to feeling a comforting presence in the room with us. In my sessions I sometimes meet a client’s Spirit Animal or receive intuitive guidance ranging from positive affirmations to book recommendations. It all comes with such incredible feelings of unconditional love and encouragement! Powerful validations strengthen a sense of peace, connection, and comfort for my clients, and fuel my wonder and gratitude for all that Reiki energy has to offer.

The healing power of Reiki energy is limitless, and I am beyond thrilled to offer Reiki Healing, Reiki Certification Classes, Psychic/Medium Readings, and Psychic/Medium Development classes both in-person and at a distance. I hope Reiki will help you fall in love with your life again, and that you will let me be part of that amazing journey!

I am a Usui Reiki Ryoho Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher and Registered Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, as well as an Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Lightarian™ Reiki Master, and Certified Medical Reiki Master. I am registered with the International Center for Reiki Training as an Affiliate member of the Reiki Membership Association, and certified with Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International as a Medical Reiki Master. Additionally, I am also a Registered Reiki Professional with the International Association of Reiki Professionals, the Reiki Healing Association, the International Reiki Organization, and The Center for Reiki Research.

I have created and hosted several online events, including “Zen Wednesdays” and “Soul Journey Sundays”, and I have had the honor of being interviewed on several podcasts including: "Psychic Matters", "Mediumship Sisters", “Sacred Connections”, “Journey to Wellness”, "Mediumship Matters", “The Sedona Files”, "Be the Love", “Floating On a Cloud”, "Business News Network", and "Brighter Day in the Neighborhood". I have also been featured in ShoutOut ColoradoCanvas Rebel and Voyage Denver magazines, as well as on Fabulous Female Friday in the "Woman Up! Leading with Your Soul Community", "Mindset of Freedom for Women", and "Ladies Living Outloud" on Facebook. I host an intuitive development class at Celestial Salt Metaphysical shop, and provide Readings at various locations throughout Colorado Springs and online. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram (@SoaringHeartEnergies).

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Alabama as well as Certificates in Energy Medicine, Music Therapy, and Sound Healing from the University of Colorado.

Through advanced, intensive mentorship programs with Tony Stockwell, I have explored the depth and breadth of many areas of the Intuitive Arts including: Advanced Trance Mediumship, New Frontiers, Demonstrating Mediumship, Pet Mediumship, and Therapeutic Mediumship. I have also studied with many other highly-esteemed teachers including: Judith Seaman, Janet Nohavec, Ann Théato, Suzanne Giesemann, Eileen Davies, Mia Ottoson, James Van Praagh, John Holland, Lynn Probert, Julian Jenkins, Josef Siegle, Martin Colclough, Steve Upton, Steven Hermann, Lauren Robertson, Simone Key, Colin Bates, Scott Milligan, Andrej Djordjevitch, Martin Tycross, Sharon Harvey, and Nicole de Haas. Additional professional influences include: John Edward, Esther Hicks, and Dr. Sue Morter.

I have had the privilege of studying Mediumship at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY as well as at the internationally acclaimed Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. In Summer of 2023, I had the honor of teaching Reiki I/II at the iconic Lily Dale Assembly, and have been selected to teach both Reiki I/II and Reiki Master certification classes there in Summer of 2024. I have taught Reiki and Psychic Development internationally in Mexico and Costa Rica, given Readings to hundreds and hundreds of people around the world, and I have a diverse and thriving student community.

In Spring of 2024, I had the honor of visiting Mount Kurama (the "birthplace of Reiki") where Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk, was gifted with healing energy after 21 days of fasting and meditation exactly 102 years ago. It was beautiful, peaceful, educational, inspiring, sacred... and steep! SO many stairs! I led Reiki attunements among the sacred Kami (Japanese cedar trees up to 800 years old), and felt a deep appreciation for my Reiki journey. It has truly changed my life, and opened up my world.

I am the U.S. PR Assistant to Tony Stockwell, a Spiritual Event Coordinator for Mains Gate, the Psychic & Mediumship Development Director for Healing Wheel Wellness Retreats, and I have served as the Program Director for LifeSpark Cancer Resources. In my free time, I am honored to have provided Reiki as a volunteer at UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central in the Outpatient Infusion Center as well as for Participants of the LifeSpark Cancer Resources program.