Howling for Healing

In a recent Reading, I found myself suddenly aware of a wolf spirit animal around my client. That's not unusual, but how it then informed her healing journey and the validation we received when I pulled this card was astounding. As the reading evolved, I found myself (very uncharacteristically) chanting/toning/howling one of the Reiki symbols for her... with my head back like a wolf. She's been struggling with vertigo, and the crystals in her ear are displaced. Her wolf came through to give her a powerful tool to vibrate them back into their proper place!

Showing her how to howl, to incorporate physical and energetic and sound healing for herself! Being a Reiki Master, she can utilize this on her own. We also dove into a past life glimpse that connected the puzzle pieces of the origin and trigger, as well as the energetic and emotional roots, and the soul-level purpose of the condition. I only pulled one card, and it could not possibly have been a bigger validation of the unusual session... You simply can't make this stuff up! πŸΊπŸ‘‚πŸ’–