Mailbox Money

Such a Full-Circle moment for me! Twenty years ago, when my grandfather passed, I became fascinated with mediumship and watched every "John Edward Crossing Over" show, read all the books, and just assumed that I would spend a lifetime "on the outside looking in" as some incredible people displayed their mediumistic abilities. Then after reading one of John Edward's books, I said out loud to my grandfather in Spirit, "If this stuff is real, and you're ok, I need you to send me a check in the mail for $127.52 so I can buy two tickets to see John Edward...

... tomorrow please, as tickets are going to sell out". That's a very specific request.

And hand-to-heart (I'm still amazed and get goosebumps as I type this), the NEXT DAY I checked my mailbox and there was a check from my car insurance company for my annual dividend refund for $127.52!!! 💸🎁 And the cherry on top was that it arrived on my grandfather's birthday, as if he had signed it himself!  Talk about an incredible validation! 🤯

Fast forward 20 years, and here I am going to see John Edward again, but this time as a professional Psychic Medium myself. I'll be forever grateful that I found Reiki (or it found me), that it opened up my intuition, and helped me find my soul purpose and passion. And I know my grandfather still supports me every step of the way.⭐️