Mila the Dog Who Remembers Being a Horse

🤩 Mind blown. So it's common for beloved pets (incarnate and discarnate) to come through in Readings. And it's common for past life glimpses to come through in Readings for people. But today, I had the pleasure of doing a Reading for a woman whose beloved living dog completely dominated her Reading, talking about their past lives together! Meet Mila, who described her personality now and then showed me a glimpse of her galloping at crazy speed through the green hills of Scotland as a big black horse with white feathering above her hooves, with her owner on her back. That's gorgeous, but the best part... guess what her nickname is in this life?!

(You might reasonably not expect a validation for a dog's past life glimpse, but...) Her nickname is HORSE. It turns out that my client lovingly describes Mila to everyone as her HORSE, partly because she runs so fast! 

And secondly, my client confirmed that she has recurring dreams of the green hills of Scotland. So vividly, that it sparked a pondering if past lives are really past or if they're concurrent/parallel aspects of our soul selves.

Mila went on to relay how she and my client had had many lifetimes together, and that she was exploring diverse aspects of physical experience on Earth over time. 

Our bonds of love truly are eternal. Not only can the Higher-Soul aspect of our living animals and loved ones come through with verifiable evidence and messages in a Reading, and not only do we have many lifetimes with our loved ones in all shapes and sizes if we choose to, but every now and then we will have current day validations to prove it!