Personal Account of an Incredible Séance

My heart is still racing as I recall the events of the séance I attended at The Mains Gate at Langdon Farm in Sherwood, Maryland. “Séance”; a loaded word that conjures images of fraudulent trickery in dusty Victorian parlors. (I was skeptical too. Wait for it.)

Being part of a mediumship workshop lead by Josef Siegle, I was eager to attend a demonstration of physical mediumship. Like most modern mediums, I had heard accounts of table tipping and had been advised to be wary of the more incredulous sounding phenomenon performed under the cover of darkness. 

In my studies of all things Spirit, I have learned to say that “anything is possible”. Yet I have just had that mantra expanded in such a thorough, powerful, palpable, and mind-bending way that I feel the meaning of that phrase has been delightfully and irrevocably catapulted into an entirely new realm. 

Simply put, it was magic. And I don’t mean the cheesy rabbit-in-the-hat way. I mean the rare and wondrous kind of magic that is indelibly burned into your brain, that carves new neural pathways, forges bonds between strangers, obliterates doubt and ignites passion, drops your jaw and raises the goosebumps on your entire body not only in the moment but also in the re-telling of it. The kind of magic that can not be manufactured, packaged, or corporatized. 

It makes my previous casual use of descriptors such as “immersive”, “dynamic”, and “multi-sensory” seem child-like. We’ve all heard that we should seek experiences that cause us to “forget to look at your phone”, and even if I had been allowed to bring it into the room you can be certain that I wouldn’t have spared a moment to look at it.

In the pains-takingly blacked-out basement in a lovingly restored home with a rich history reaching back into the 1600’s, what started as a card table and a few simple objects wrapped with glow-in-the-dark tape, became nothing less than an arena for wonder. An energetic container for delightfully raucous laughter and incendiary mediumistic prowess. 

Gradually taking on a life of its own, a simple black card table powerfully slid back and forth, spun in circles, vibrated, and bounced. Experienced trance and physical mediums allowed their Spirit Guides to speak through them in enchanting voices giving calm direction, humorous narration, and gentle encouragement… sing now, look there. Puffs of cold air, waves of energy, unidentifiable sounds, moving shadows, curious internal sensations, and etheric brushes against the skin held our rapt attention. And then it got really interesting. 

In an entirely spontaneous expression of spiritual power, one attending medium channeled a Native American who sang with such clarity and volume that it evoked a reverent chorus from all in attendance. Singing in unison to a song we’d never heard before, feeling as if our ancestors had called it forth from our bones, we were each profoundly affected.

Then, another attending medium held us wide-eyed and spell-bound as the emphatic, insistent, and glorious voice of none other than Harriet Tubman shook the rafters with her words from beyond. The raw, heart-wrenching emotion she poured into the room pulled the tears from our eyes and the gratitude from our cores. It was truly and bewilderingly phenomenal. You could have cut the thick energy in the room with the scissors that had inexplicably appeared beneath one of the chairs.

In the numbing maelstrom of our modern lives, buffeted by the relentless onslaught of advertising, rote transactional human interactions, and utterly endless distractions, we toss around words like “authentic” and “inspirational”. We’re all seeking its experience, but we’ve been disappointed so often that we’ve become rightfully jaded. We’ve traded wonder for convenience. 

I can’t tell you that this experience changed my life… because you’ve heard it before. We’ve heard it all before. We’ve bought the limited edition, discounted, up-sized whatever-it-is that promises to make us skinny and rich and beautiful and irresistible, and thrown it away in disgust again. And yet it did. 

If you are a Seeker, a student of the Universe, a fellow wary traveler longing for real etheric magic, and ready to re-ignite wonder, get yourself to Mains Gate. Allow Arlene, Carmen, and Victoria to humbly blow the dust off your earthly expectations.

Listen as I recount this experience on the Mediumship Sisters podcast..