She's One of Us

I LOVE when Spirit steps in to save the day! 💖⭐️ Last summer, I had the privilege of visiting the Arthur Findlay College with dear friends, with the added bonus of a few days in Paris. 🇫🇷 And the day we toured Versailles became one of those experiences that will forever be part of my "Spirit is Amazing" lexicon.

Long story short, we missed the last train back to Paris (this may have been the result of a delicious leisurely dinner with a glass of wine, or two). 🍷🚄 Tammy and I found ourselves in a nearly deserted train station late at night, where we struck up a conversation with the only two other women who were similarly stranded. If felt ancient, women banding together for safety in a potentially sticky situation. Luckily and brilliantly, Tammy is fluent in French, Spanish, and English, as were the other women. I am not.

Thankfully, the woman in red (Lucy, who has an entirely separate and equally incredible set of synchronicities all her own) said she knew how to walk to the next stop where there might be one last shuttle back to the city.

As we were hastily following her up the dimly lit street, I had a very natural human unease creep in as I thought: here I am in a country I don't know, where I don't speak the language, I'm tipsy, and I'm now following a stranger into the night. This feels like a Dateline Special waiting to happen. "Dumb American gets abducted, stay tuned for the weather". Right?!

Then an incredible feeling of calm washed over me, and I heard in my mind clear as day, "Don't worry, she's one of us".

... '"One of US"? Who's us? I'm an US? And although I was uncertain about the context, I did feel a sense of trust and relief flow through me.

And here's where the jaw-drop moment happens. Within 10 minutes, as we did in fact safely board the last train back to Paris, Lucy casually mentioned that she was a Reiki Master. My "us".


I'm here to tell you that we all have an amazing team of Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones watching over us, protecting and encouraging us. And when you need them most, they might just deliver you an angel in a red dress named Lucy to save the day. ❤️

Update: A Reiki Master stranger saved the day AGAIN! I was out recently with two friends (who are Karuna Reiki Master students of mine) when our car was hit by a speeding panel van. We were utterly surrounded by protection as not only was no one injured, there was a fireman in traffic directly ahead of us who stopped immediately to assist, an Army cadet witnessed it and gave us his information for the report, two policemen wrote up the reports and ticketed the van driver for reckless driving, and the tow truck arrived quickly to take away the car... and the best part?  Our Uber driver, who rescued us from the cold, was a Reiki Master!  The Universe truly protects us and delivers us the resources we need when we need them.