Smack me in the face with a Lotus flower, please

I love how the Universe sends us incredible signs and synchronicities when we need them most! When I was moving into my first solo studio space, I wanted to be sure that I landed in the right spot to grow my business and serve Spirit. As I flew across the country, I was reviewing the lease agreement for a potential space I had found in the Lotus Spa. I asked my team to smack me in the face with a lotus flower if they wanted me to sign the lease. I really like obvious and timely signs, and I didn't want it open to mis-interpretation.

So, all the way across the country, I weighed the pro's and con's of the potential space, and prayed to my team to guide me. Even though I have learned to trust my Guides, they still surprise me. You could have knocked me over with a feather when we landed and the woman (who had been wearing a jacket when she boarded) sitting directly in front of me on the plane stood up to leave... and the entire back of her shirt was one big Lotus flower, with the words "Lotus Spa"! Barely one foot in front of my face.

I mean, how far back did that Spirit set up go? They nudged her to wear that shirt, to fly on that plane, to choose that seat, to take off her jacket, and they guided me to be reviewing the lease agreement at that time, and inspired me to make the request that they smack me in the face with a Lotus flower, and then they did it?! How in the...

You can be certain I signed that lease immediately, and I loved the space for two good years. When we ask for guidance and confirmation with an open heart and faith that they'll deliver, sometimes the Universe really knocks it out of the park.