THE Amy Winehouse?!

A year or two ago in a mediumship workshop, I was paired with a lovely British woman who asked me to bring through Amy Winehouse... 🤯🤩 They were best friends, so the love bond they shared made it a reasonable request. I was a bit nervous, as I have seen that Rockumentary and I loved her music. But I gave it a go.

I clearly saw her lounging by a big Beverly Hills style pool, wearing a glamorous vintage swimsuit, resting on a beautiful array of pillows and smiling. When I said "she's Resting in Style", her friend validated that was what they had said rather than "Rest in Peace"!

Amy went on to give me the impression that she's collaborating with big musicians on the Other Side to inspire musicians here, that she's still doing what she loves. 

I later learned that she has come through several mediums, one who has even written a book about it. Tony Stockwell saw her in his kitchen once, just as a friend called saying that she had Amy's Dad with her and that he wanted a Reading! She's clearly having a big time from her place in spirit.

Every now and then since that Reading for her friend, I get a synchronistic wink from Ms. Winehouse... like when I checked into The Crown hotel in Glastonbury and found myself in the Amy Winehouse room! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We have to be courageous in this work, so I take heart from her lyrics, "I’m not frightened of appearing vulnerable.”

Thanks, Amy! Rest in Style.