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Connect with Mother Gaia and your inner goddess energy as you ground, explore, and create artwork with found items from nature (sea shells, sand, crystals, feathers, driftwood, moss, etc...). Experience a guided meditation and simple breathwork, combined with an immersive soundscape and art instruction as you dabble with the divine!

  • Date: 5/24/2023 05:30 PM
  • Location 7689 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, USA (Map)

Price: $50


Gotta LOVE a good Spirit nudge! A few months ago, I was told in several Readings that I should incorporate art into my work. I loved the idea but wasn't sure what to do with it, and I filed it away trusting that it would blossom at the right moment. Fast forward to the Celestial Salt Psychic Fair where I gave a Reading to a lovely woman named Dawn... 

I suddenly found myself "holding" sea shells in each hand and encouraging her to teach her craft. Telling her that she should incorporate guided meditation, breathwork, and sound healing; that it would help people connect to Mother Gaia and their inner goddess energy as they grounded, explored, and created artwork with found items from nature.  

Turns out she creates art pieces with sea shells, sand, crystals, feathers, driftwood, moss, etc... and that she's received guidance from other Readers telling her the same thing!🐚
She's been collecting items and art supplies for years. We both had goosebumps the whole time, and it dawned on us that we should co-create it! 

🎉 Soooooo, we're announcing the Green Goddess Meditative Art Workshop! Seating is very limited, so please visit the Celestial Salt website or call Lisa to reserve your spot today! 719-370-9858